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Foot Massage Is Gaining Popularity. Is It Safe?

June 01, 2011 - Master Kung

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Is Foot Massage Safe?Since the discovery of shoes by mankind to protect our feet, our body has been deprived off the natural healing process of foot reflexology that takes place automatically when we walk barefooted.

In an attempt to address this ‘mistake’, mankind come out with foot reflexology path, foot massage therapy, massage shoes, massage rollers, expensive massage chair and many other gadgets.

Yes, foot massage is safe if we can replicate the natural process of healing. In reflexology, missing a point or massaging a wrong point does not harm you. The ‘wrong’ point you massaged will just reactivate the organs related to that point.

Safety becomes a question when we depart from this natural process e.g. applying excessive pressure or time on a specific point on our feet.

When should foot massage be avoided?

Other than application of extreme pressure and excessive time, foot massage should be avoided when the situation for having a massage does not reflect the natural process of healing by barefoot walking.

1. Foot reflexology helps balance the equilibrium of our body system. It helps dislodged blocked energy points. It does not rebuild a critically broken down body system. As such, critically ill people should check with their primary care physician before scheduling reflexology therapy.

2. Pressure should not be applied to some reflex points on the feet of cancer patients. The American Cancer Society warns that complications may result if the manipulation is not performed by a trained professional who is experienced in working with cancer patients.

No foot massage when pregnant3. Individuals for whom cancer has spread to the bones have an increased risk of bone fracture when physical pressure is applied to an area weakened by the disease.

4. Women who are pregnant should not receive treatments during the first three months of pregnancy.

5. Individuals with low platelet counts tend to bruise more easily from the pressure of massage and should avoid foot massage too.

Massage Shoe6. Wearing a massage shoe for an excessively long time can be harmful. Most professional massage shoe manufacturers recommend no more than 10 minutes of continuous wearing.

Understanding and taking note of the points above, foot massage is a pleasurable and beneficial interest to pick up.

Many across the world have benefitted from foot massage. It helps in pain relief for cancer patients, impotence, high blood pressure and many more. Foot massage cures when others fail? Find out here.

Of so many places to massage on the body, why massage the feet?

Some places offering foot massage in Malaysia:

Foot Massage at Johor Bahru Health Centers
Kuala Lumpur Health Centers
Penang Health Centers

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