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Penis Massage For Good Health?

May 17, 2011 - Steve Olson

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penis massagePenis massage or Jelqing is believed to have originated from the Middle East regions several centuries ago. Jelqing is often described as "milking the penis". While it originated from the Middle East, it has been practiced by many other cultures too. The Chinese called it “Chook Kan”  ( in Cantonese dialect , means nerve massage ) while the Malays in South East Asia called it Urut Batin ( Penis Massage in Malay language  )

Massage Principles

The penis is made up of corpus cavernosa, a spongy tissue which allows blood to flow in, to give rise to an erection. A healthy corpus cavernosa and good blood flows is thus associated with a good and strong erection.

However, due to age or other health reasons, this process deteriorates , leading to poor erection. The process of Jelqing stretches the penile chamber and improve blood to flow to the penis .

It can help treat symptom of poor erection and improve ‘penis health’. Due to the stretches on the spongy tissue, jelqing also helps increase the length and girth of the penis.

It must be emphasized that cause or causes of each health problem should be addressed for long term resolution while symptomatic remedy focus on short term relief.


Jelqing may lead to damage of the penile tissues and may also result in permanent scarring and permanent discoloration of the penis. Amongst other things there is also a risk of damage to the penile veins and capillaries and rupture in more severe case of mishandling. One should always take caution when performing this exercise.

Basic Massage Technique

Jelqing gripGrip your penis at the base with an ‘OK’ grip. This can be done using your thumb with your index or middle finger to form a ‘ring’ .

Move the ring slowly from the base towards the tip of your penis. Repeat this preferably with the other hand to get a balance of pressure on both sides of the penis.

The stroke should be slow and rhythmic between 3-5 seconds per stroke, alternating between both hands.

Pressure should be such that it is comfortable without feeling painful or having your penis stretches more than an inch or two. Use massage oil to ease the stroke and minimize physical abrasion to the tender skin.

Continue doing this for 10 – 15 minutes daily.

While many positive results were reported all over the world , it has to be noted that some people do not find this to be effective. As there were no reports of rupture due to severe mishandling, common sense prevail here that it can happen. This massage has to be exercised with absolute caution.

Not too sure how to do it ? A proven and reputable professional Urut Batin masseur may be the answer. Check out Traditional Massage KL for this service in Kuala Lumpur or read Urut Batin or Penis Massage  for more information.

More Penis Massage Techniques here.


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