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What You Should Know About Penis Massage

Aug 12, 2011 - Steve Olson

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Penis Massage or Delqing was believed to have originated from the Middle East several centuries ago. Since then, many other forms had evolved due to men's’ unending pursuit for additional length and bigger girth of their penis. Penis massage techniques listed below are believed to help do just that.

Again, it cannot be over emphasized that without any clinical or scientific proof other than practices that were passed through the generations, all these massage techniques have to be carried out with extreme caution.

Before going into any specific techniques yet, it is important to know the four fundamental points of the massage to minimize damage to your precious tool of manhood and at the same time maximize its effect.

Penis Massage Grip Technique1. Grip
Grip your penis at the base with an ‘OK’ grip. This can be done using your thumb with your index or middle finger to form a ‘ring’ round it.

2. Pressure
Pressure should be such that it is comfortable without feeling painful or having your penis stretches more than an inch or two.

3. Erect State
Around 40%-60% semi-erection during massage gives more length gains. This state of erection allows more stretches.
At a firmer 60%-80% erection state, the massage technique below is believed to help increase the girth of the shaft.

4. Lubrication
Lube is important when performing these exercises, as it prevents tearing of the skin. Use a lube that is not too slippery, and one that does not evaporate easily. Baby oil, skin cream or Vaseline is the most commonly used ones.


Overall Growth (girth, length)
This is the most basic penile massage to enhance good blood flow, at the same time, gives you the benefit of length and girth gain to your penis.

Grip your penis at the base with an ‘OK’ grip by using your thumb and your index or middle finger to form a ‘ring’. Move the ring slowly from the base towards the tip of your penis. Repeat this with the other hand to get a balance of pressure on both sides of the penis. The stroke should be slow and rhythmic between 3-5 seconds per stroke, alternating between both hands.

Power Jelqing (girth)
This exercise focus on girth gain and should be done with a 60-80% semi-erected penis. Make the OK-grip, and grab ‘tightly’ around the base of your penis. Do 5 quick hard kegels i.e. 1/2 second each to fill the penis up really well! Next, slowly pull toward the tip of the penis, taking 3-5 seconds per stroke. Now grab the base with the other hand, and repeat the procedure.

Glands (Head, girth)
This exercises target glands gains. Get your penis to a 60% to 80% erect state. Do a hard kegel, and grab the base of your penis firmly with an OK grip. Now move out slowly towards the tip of your penis stopping at the glands. It should take 3-5 seconds from base to the glands. HOLD there for 10 seconds. Next, release and repeat the whole procedure with the other hand.

Other than length and girth, penis massage has other more important benefits too. If you are not too sure, you may want to seek some professional help first. In Malaysia, it is also commonly known as Urut Batin. Urut batin is normally offered under traditional massage. Check this out, if you are in Kuala Lumpur or any other city that offer traditional massage services.

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