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Urut Batin For Impotence ?

May 14, 2011 - Hamid Bond

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urut batin or manhood massageUrut Batin is a traditional Malay deep tissue massage technique, more commonly known as "manhood massage".

While many thought that it is just a form of masturbation, this form of massage, to a certain degree, can be a pretty painful experience and should be treated with utmost respect ! Why ?

Urut Batin focus on a significant amount of meridian stimulation, accu- pressure and manual massaging of the penis to :

* Help remove blood stasis and restore full blood flow to the penis

* Stretch the corpora cavernosa spongy tissue and maximize absorbing and storing blood for a hard erections

* Improve muscle tone and elasticity of the muscles, tendons and ligaments that support the penis, thus allowing it to extend further from the body during erections

* Stimulate the body's production of testosterone and enhancing sexual stamina

While some guys seek Urut Batin as a form of treatment , many go for general maintenance of their ‘tool’ in their endeavor to slow down the effect of aging. While a session can cost a few hundreds of dollars to a few thousands for some premium package , the popularity of this form of massage ,despite its stiff cost is a good testimony of its effectiveness.

Simple as it appear to be , manhood massage should be treated with respect and seriousness. The Expert versus The Novice Urut Batin is absolutely No Child's Play ! . There were occasions where ‘patient’ suffers a reversal in the desired effect !

While there are no concrete medical study to support nor refute the benefit or danger of Urut Batin, it is always advisable to seek reputable establishment or recommendation from people who have benefited from it.

In Malaysia, this form of massage falls under Traditional Massage. Some traditional massage outlets offer this massage.

If cost is a factor, you may want to try Urut Batin or Penis Massage on your own?


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